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House Music Charts – April 2011

As previously announcedFew days ago on Facebook, has been sold and we are currently assiduity? ig update the blog. Are an integral part of every month, the House and charts so that they now appear regularly, we have searched for it and a partner in Melody4emotion also found.
Today is the firstMay and others with maypoles run through the area, we got the House charts for the month of April 2011.Respectively in the first days of a month we will publish for you now Melody4emotion the charts for the previous month. As usual, we would be pleased if ye assiduity? Ig involved in the voting and that you can do on the Facebook page of Melody4Emotion. We are always interested in how you find the charts and which tracks you like Had you been in the charts, telling us how every month with your opinion in the comments.


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