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Pitchben – Pitchslap (Tracklist + audition)

We writeThe 80s. Bands like the Jacksons, The Whispers, D-Train dominate the soundtrack of an era, the Electro Funk. At that time, grows up a little boy. His enthusiasm for these bands and the sound of this era awaken in him a genuine passion for music. To this day he wears these musical roots from his childhood in itself.2011-20 years later – this boy is now published his debut album “Pitchslap” on Compost Records

During the 90 years

Deals Pitchben which, at that time called “M-Tech”, continues down to earth with the preferences, and the latest developments of the inherent musical styles: Disco, soul, electro, funk and hip-hop, he begins so hang plates, this perfect mix. At the tender age of 13 he started producing his own music. With its kind to use the turntable as a musical instrument, he quickly made itself a name and is a key player in the world of “scratching” and “turntablism.” In 2002 he won the German DMC finals with a scratched interpretation of Break Machine “Street Dance”.

After this rather intense excursion sets, Pitchben its focus now more on the music production and audio engineering. He works not only to his own productions, but is also co-producer for other artists, like task. the six-time in other projects have already demonstrated their skills and qualifications perfectly. This is accompanied by massive synths and drums that create a sound that's less expensive way would be beneficial not only on the laptop now be accomplished with sound libraries.

After submission of only two demo tracks legalities, Compost Records Pitchben immediately for several of Albem. Compost was quickly clear that it is not a short-lived Pitchben rider of a neo-disco boom, but about a project that pursues a longer mission, and from which one can expect a few things. The result “Pichtslap” will be released in November 2011. The album is accompanied by maxi singles, remixes. There Pitchben live performance either as a DJ set or an entire stage show with guitarist, bassist and vocalist and visuals.


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