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Dubsteppaz Worldwide (with tracklist)

Dubstep, probably the hottest music trend of recent years, is no longer a secret anymore. This genre emerged in the vibrant club scene in London and is now grown on the popular London pirate radio station, and especially over the Internet to a worldwide movement. The half-time beats, deep sub-bass and especially the significant “wobble” sounds create an energetic sound structure, which is found in most guitar-driven music genre.So it is hardly surprising that the genre also enthusiastic listeners outside of the electronic music scene.

DUBSTEPPAZ WORLDWIDE gives you two CDs a representative overview of the diversity of this hot new music phenomenon. From deepen dublastigen tracks, via pop-crossover to tough underground drum and step numbers, everything is represented, what the heart desires.


Pioneers like the London producers SKREAM, Shooting Stars of the UK scene as Dodge & FUSKI, and Skism ZOMBOY, people like Ben VERSE, in addition to his production activity in the dubstep genre, especially as a member of the drum and bass band PENDULUM become known, are also a lot of uncut diamonds from the emerging scenes in Germany, Austria and Poland represented on this compilation. DUBSTEPPAZ WORLDWIDE comes as a double CD with 23 songs in high quality digipack presented by the largest German electronic music magazine RAVE LINE. The liner notes are from RAVELINE editor Sven Schaefer.


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